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Heartwood Hall

December 4th, 2017

Why you SHOULD have a Friday wedding:

1. Give your guests a good excuse to take off or leave work early on Friday. Their bosses may not, but they will thank you!

2. We all LOVE having big plans on a Friday night. If you're like me, I get so excited when I'm leaving work on Fridays (not because I don't absolutely adore my job!) but because it's Friday and I'm excited for the weekend to start! We know we don't have to get up early on Saturday morning so we're ready for a night out. Friday evenings can be such an adrenaline rush and your guests will be glad they get to go spend a nice evening out after work celebrating the weekend and YOU. 

3. At Heartwood Hall, we make Fridays the BEST day to get married because we offer amazing incentives! Here, not only do you get $1,000 off your venue fee (wow) you also get to choose to have either a cocktail party or an extra hour ON US! Just for you Friday couple, because we love ya!

4. Your out-of-town guests now get Saturday to vacation and explore the city. You just gave your guests the gift of a mini vacation by having your wedding on a Friday. Now, they have the perfect excuse to spend the rest of the weekend relaxing and having some fun, exploring new places, and spending time with loved ones.

5. This is the final and most important reason: Your guests know, support and care about you. They are coming to your wedding and reception because they want to be there. They want to see you on your happiest day. To be honest, your guests would be at your wedding and reception if it were on a Monday at ten am. They want to show their love for YOU no matter where or when.

Congratulations to Mr. Chad and Mrs. Katherine Leake; the happy Friday couple featured above. Thank you Phillip Van Zandt Photography for blessing us with these images. 

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