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 This is a very important question that should be decided on very soon after your engagement.

The time of day determines so many things about your wedding. From the location, food, music, bridesmaids dresses, even your florals could take on a different look for a morning wedding. 


There are really 3 times of day to look at when you are planning your big day. Morning, afternoon or evening.

Let’s start with morning and think about your options. Most brides do not even consider a morning wedding. However, it can be absolutely beautiful and a wedding your guests will be talking about for a long time to come.

A morning wedding would be especially awesome here in the South and Heartwood Hall and Cedar Hall offer you venues that would be unsurpassed for an AM wedding. Let me set the stage.......

The wedding begins at 10:30-11:00 in the morning. I know that may sound crazy but hear me out. There truly are a lot of benefits to it.


Weddings typically last 15-30 minutes depending on what your ceremony consists of.

After the wedding, while you and your bridal party are finishing up photos. Have your guest enjoy a bubbly bar in the courtyard with Mimosas and a fruit and juice bar. You could also have a Coffee Station with fabulous flavored coffees.

You could have lawn games set up for your guest to enjoy. Young and old love these.Corn Hole, horseshoes, croquet all under these huge oak trees.....a perfect southern setting.


Now on to the reception. Again, a morning wedding is totally different. But isn’t that sometimes the point. To step out of the box and do something totally different than every one else.

The meal for your guest: A magnificent brunch! Start with a beautiful fruit display as your guest enter. A chef attended carving station with country ham and homemade biscuits with assorted jams is always a huge hit.

An Omelet station with the wonderful aroma of guests choosing all their favorites for their custom made omelet. And of course, a waffle station.

As a chef prepares fresh waffles, the guest top them with fresh fruit, yummy homemade whipping cream and of course warm maple syrup.

For your music at a morning wedding, you might not want to go with a full 10 piece band. But, maybe a DJ or even a string quartet.

You get the idea. Your guest will be blown away and there are still a couple of other great benefits. Your reception would be wrapped up by 2:30- 3:00 which would still leave the rest of the evening for you and your new husband to enjoy a romantic dinner for 2 and be able to hit road bright and earl the next morning to catch the first flight out to begin your magical honeymoon.

Stay tunes and we’ll talk about an afternoon wedding next time.

Until then,

Happy Wedding planning!

P.S. The photos are from a stunning wedding held here at Heartwood Hall for Lacey and Sam Moody, they are absolutely adorable!! and the photos are by their awesome photographer, Annabelle Charles...We love her at Heartwood Hall and Cedar Hall.