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Having a Budget-Friendly Wedding

When most people see the word “wedding,” their mind usually translates “expensive.” True, it is a little known fact that weddings can be costly. However, there are ways to save money AND still have the wedding you’ve always dreamed about.

Start in your early phases of planning. Make sure you are doing your homework! I don’t know about you, but I am the one to impulse buy. Not thinking the purchase through has given me buyer’s remorse more than once!

Learn from me, when you are shopping for your wedding professionals, don’t just choose the first one that you see. Choose three or four of your favorites and question them all with your important detail questions, get quotes for the things you want and ask them if there is anything that you haven’t covered. The most important of these is the quote! Make sure you are asking them for everything that you will be charged at the end of the day. Once you have it in front of you, you can narrow down what you can afford and still want for your big day! 

As a Memphis Wedding Venue, we are one of the first stops on a Bride’s To Do List. Heartwood Hall and Cedar Hall, we have been told on more than one occasion, can seem a bit overwhelming in the venue fee pricing area. But, if you compare us with some of our other fellow wedding venues near the Memphis area, we may include items in our initial pricing that they may add on at the end. (Of course, this IS easier to see when you have requested an out-the-door quote - just saying) 

Our venue fee, for instance, includes chairs, both ceremony and reception, square and round banquet tables, linens to fit those tables, all of your china (basically anything you eat on or drink out of that night) including wine glasses, champagne flutes, water goblets, silverware, napkins, as well as about 8-10 different centerpieces for your tables, a wedding coordinator and all of your event staff. Because we have tables, chairs, china, you save tones from a rental company. If you have centerpieces already, you could add in a couple of key florals and your traditional bouquets and boutonnieres and call it a day! When you think about the potential money savings in just that list alone. . . 

However, we realize you may not like to cut out the beautiful florals, I get it… Here’s a list from theknot.com that can help with you some other money saving ideas. 

Until next time, Happy Planning! xoxo