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DIY Hurricane Candle Holders

DIY Hurricane Candle Holders

Here at Heartwood Hall, we always tell our Brides "the more candles, the better!" Candlelight gives a wedding reception such a romantic atmosphere and is a great centerpiece for the guests' tables to set the mood for a terrfiic evening! Because Heartwood Hall and Cedar Hall offer centerpeices as a part of the wedding package, several girls try to take what we have and add their own color, style and twist to customize it to her wedding day. I found a pin on pinterest that created a way to add more candlelight as a centerpiece and still add their own style to their wedding reception. Hurricane Candle Holders: The best of both worlds!


I found this pin from two twenty one blog and I knew it was a project I wanted to share! I went downstairs and dug around in our decor closet here at Heartwood Hall. I found all the cylinder vases I needed and headed off to get the candlesticks at Goodwill. I got the E6000 glue at Hobby Lobby to piece it all together. The pictures that you see here are where I started. I made sure the products were cleaned and all of the stickers were taken off before starting. 

No you will see here, I found three different cylinder vases, all different heights and three different kinds of candlesticks, what I will use as the bottoms. I reached for my E6000, and with my clumsy hands, carefully put a layer on each candlestick. I made sure the cylinders were upside down on my table so each candlestick was easy to place. 

After letting them dry overnight, I flipped them right side up and viola! It was very simple and easy to do and I think it was a fun project! I can't wait to use them to accent with candles and florals! In hind sight, I wish I had looked closer to the color of the glue, white definitely was not the way to go. They do have clear, which would have been much better. In the process of looking for the candlesticks, I found some other vases and candlesticks that I thought were unique. I cant wait to see what these look like in my own home. Here are the finished products! 

I hope you like them as much as I do and that it gives you an idea of your own to make your tables more personal for your wedding! Happy Planning! xoxo, Lauren